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Employee Spotlight: Zachary Levin Thumbnail

Employee Spotlight: Zachary Levin

Zachary Levin

Joined SQ: July 5th, 2022

Current Role: Analyst, Training Program

Where are you from: Upper Saddle River, NJ

Where do you live: Upper Saddle River, NJ

Prior job: Finance Intern at The Tradition Group, Summer Intern at Simon Quick

Family: Mom (Randi), Dad (Chaim) , Sister (Amanda) and Puppy (Ruthie) 

Education: Lehigh University– Go Mountain Hawks!

Sports: Basketball and Golf 

Interests/Hobbies: Loves the beach, the Jets, the Yankees, Cooking, and Hiking 

Favorite vacation: Florence, Italy 

Fun Facts:

  1. Zach is a dual citizen of Israel
  2. Zach took a gap year after high school and went backpacking in New Zealand