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Financial Advisors in Morristown, NJ

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About Simon Quick

Simon Quick Advisors was founded in 2004 as an independent registered investment advisor (RIA) offering customized integrated financial planning and investment solutions. Our wealth management solutions are built around individualized needs, preferences, risk tolerances, objectives, and tax situations.

Our Approach To Wealth Management

  • Our Morristown financial advisors develop highly customized financial plans and investment solutions in close coordination with their clients.
  • We act as a central resource for coordinating all aspects of your financial picture and will match you with a financial advisor in Morristown that fits your needs.
  • We invest our capital alongside yours, aligning our interests with yours.

What Our Morristown Advisors Offer

Our Morristown financial advisors offer holistic wealth management and investment consulting services. Our Morristown financial advisors specialize in:

  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Planning
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Generational Wealth Planning
  • Asset Protection and Insurance
  • Liability Management
  • Family Office Services