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From the Day We Were Founded,

We’ve Always Valued Our Clients Beyond Their Net Worth

We Work With Those Who Understand The Value

In Working With a Team of Experienced, Independent Advisors

Handing over the reins of your financial life to someone else is an emotional decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, it’s one that most face with anxiety and uncertainty as they search for the right partner who has their best interest in mind.

Does This Sound Like You?

We’ve found that we work best with those who are confident in delegating their financial management to an experienced partner. You’ve accumulated a significant amount of assets and you know the value in optimizing them for your future needs.

Managing your wealth can feel like a juggling act - but you understand it’s finally time to work with a pair of steady hands.

We’ve Helped Those Including

Corporate Executives Morristown, NJ Simon Quick Advisors

Corporate Executives

Understand their unique compensation packages, manage stock compensation and prepare their wealth for retirement.

Business owners Morristown, NJ Simon Quick Advisors

Business Owners

Focus on both their personal financial future and that of their business, offer a retirement plan for their employees and make tax-efficient decisions in regards to their business and their retirement.

Wealth creators Morristown, NJ Simon Quick Advisors

Wealth Creators

Manage a recent, large influx of wealth, understand the next crucial steps to create healthy financial habits for a lifetime of growth and accumulation.