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Women@SQ Committee

We support the careers and voices of women


Women@SQ is a committee at Simon Quick dedicated to enhancing the personal and professional lives of our female clients and business partners through education, engagement, and connection.


We recognize that each of our clients have their own unique set of experiences and perspectives when it comes to their finances. Many of the women we work with have a strong desire to understand the financial planning and investment strategies we develop, as well as the underlying financial concepts that inform them. In response to this we offer our Financial Mentorship Program.*

*The Financial Mentorship Program is only available to clients of Simon Quick. 

Financial Education Topics

  • Values & Goals
  • Budgeting & Saving
  • Starting a Family
  • Intro to Investment
  • Renting vs. Buying
  • Taxes
  • Retirement
  • Understanding Family Entities
  • Income & Employment Benefit Programs

Talk to your advisor if you think financial mentorship is right for you. 


Our blog is a resource for learning about the financial topics you want to know about like how to teach your kids about money, saving for college, or managing through a divorce. By joining our mailing list we'll share with you our latest articles and white papers to keep you informed. 


Did you know that 50% of the Simon Quick staff is made up of women? Our female team members support each other and network extensively with our clients and professional women across our industry. Women@SQ invites you to connect with these women through a variety of social events and community fundraisers.

We look forward to having you join us in this exciting initiative - welcome to Women@SQ!

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