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Employee Spotlight Stephen DeLargy Thumbnail

Employee Spotlight Stephen DeLargy

Stephen DeLargy

Joined SQ: April 18th , 2022

Current Role: Associate, Client Advisory

Where are you from: Morristown, NJ

Where do you live: New York City 

Prior job: Stifel and Nicolaus– Client Service Associate 

Family: Mom (Annie), Dad (Steve) , Sister (Marlyanne), Brother (Daniel), Puppy (Diesel) 

Education: The University of Delaware (Bachelors/MBA)– Go Blue Hens!

Sports: Lacrosse & Captain of the team 

Interests/Hobbies: Loves the beach, pick up basketball and golf 

Favorite vacation: Aruba and Jackson Hole 

Fun Facts:

  1. 1 of 21 first cousins on his mom’s side.
  2. Has hiked and horseback rode the Gran Tetons. 
  3. Is a die-hard Jets fan.