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Employee Spotlight: Nicholas Haines Thumbnail

Employee Spotlight: Nicholas Haines

Nicholas Haines

Joined SQ: May 23rd, 2022

Current Role: Associate, Family Office Services 

Where are you from: Carlstadt, NJ

Where do you live: Lodi, NJ  

Prior job: IRS - Revenue Agent  

Family: Mom (Nicoletta), Dad (James) , Sisters (Amanda & Kana), Brother (TJ), Girlfriend (Shiming) 

Education: Montclair State University – Go Red Hawks! (Masters), Caldwell University – Go Cougars! (Bachelors) 

Interests/Hobbies: Photography, exploring nature, cars and spending time with family and friends 

Favorite vacation: Bermuda 

Fun Facts:

  1. He knows how to cook great Italian food. 
  2. Nick is a photographer in his spare time. 
  3. He is currently learning Chinese from his girlfriend who is a Beijing native.