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Employee Spotlight: Erin Slocum Thumbnail

Employee Spotlight: Erin Slocum

Erin Slocum

Joined SQ: April 4th , 2022

Current Role: Vice President, Client Advisor 

Where are you from: Amherst, New Hampshire 

Where do you live: Brooklyn, NY 

Prior job: BNY Mellon Wealth Management – Wealth manager 

Family: Husband (Kevin) , Puppy (Lucky), Twin Sister (Ashley), Sister (Lindsey), Parents (Rick & Jill)

Education: The George Washington University – Go Colonials 

Interests/Hobbies: Loves skiing, hiking, cooking, trying new restaurants and napping

Favorite vacation: Amalfi Coast in Italy 

Other favorites: Loves NY Times crossword puzzles, needle pointing and wine tasting 

Fun Facts:

  1. Erin is a twin! Ashley and she were born 20 minutes apart. 
  2. She was born in Alaska and lived there for 5 years.
  3. Loves interior decorating!