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Employee Spotlight: Elaina Cuffy Thumbnail

Employee Spotlight: Elaina Cuffy

Elaina Cuffy

Joined SQ: June 6th, 2022

Current Role: Analyst, Investment Research

Where are you from: Nassau, Bahamas

Where do you live: Madison, NJ

Prior job: Student studying for her Masters in Finance at Drew University 

Family: Mom (Sheila), Dad (Trevor) and  Brother (Ethan) 

Education: Drew University– Go Rangers! 

Honor Societies: Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics) & Sigma Delta Pi – Omicron Gamma (Spanish) 

Interests/Hobbies: Cross fit, yoga, traveling and judo 

Favorite vacation: Barcelona, Spain 

Fun Facts:

  1. Elaina is a black belt in Judo.
  2. She was a 2020 Olympic Hopeful. 
  3. She was the valedictorian of the Class of 2022 at Drew University.