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Put the power of wealth management in your hands

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Busy Life, Busy Schedule? We’ve Got your Financial Back

Decisions about your money should bring happiness, not stress. As a high net worth individual, you simply don't have the time to manage and administer a sophisticated investment portfolio.

With a demanding job, busy family, and the desire to have a social life, you should have a financial advisor that makes your life easier, not harder. Unfortunately, many financial advisors are spread thin, leaving little time to give you personal attention. With Simon Quick, you can have the personalized attention and expertise you deserve, so your financial journey is smooth, clear, and intentional.

Your Secret Financial Weapon

A Dedicated Team

Imagine having a team of financial professionals at your disposal to propose ideas and implement them. At Simon Quick our Client Advisors rarely serve more than 50 clients at a time, in comparison, advisors at big banks and brokerage houses often maintain hundreds of client relationships.

We feel it’s important to keep our advisor-to-client ratio low, so our advisors have time to give you the individualized attention you deserve. Furthermore, each of our advisors are supported by an Analyst and a Client Service Associate. This team structure ensures that there are multiple professionals with knowledge of your accounts and readily available to you.

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Sophisticated Investments

As a sophisticated investor you know it’s important to have access to the most innovative investment opportunities out there. But, with a multitude of investment opportunities across equity, fixed income, private equity, and venture capital (to name a few), how do you know which investments are right for you? The reality is, if you aren’t spending the time researching every opportunity in depth, you need professional advice.

To provide our clients with a sophisticated menu of investments, Simon Quick employs a team of professionals dedicated to identifying and delivering compelling investment opportunities to you. In fact, we developed our own investment research software called SIMON QUICK CORE™  that allows us to easily evaluate existing and potential investment opportunities against their competitors in minutes. All investments must be unanimously approved by our Investment Committee before our advisors can recommend them for client portfolios.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Your investment portfolio is just one piece of your total financial picture. If you don’t have proper planning in place, you could fail to live up to your full potential. Your Simon Quick Advisor will walk you through our comprehensive financial planning process to ensure we address all areas of your financial life including:

  • Estate Planning
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Financial Projections
  • Asset Allocation
  • Insurance Review
  • Health Insurance & Medicare Review
  • Liability Review & Mortgage Analysis
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Charitable Planning
  • Social Security Guidance

  • Our commitment extends beyond the initial creation of your financial plan. Throughout your relationship with us, your Advisor will propose planning opportunities and modify your plan in response to your changing life circumstances.

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    Our Pricing

    Simon Quick specializes in serving high net worth individuals and requires a $2MM minimum investment for new clients.

    Our fee structure is tiered, with an advisory fee starting at 1% on assets under management. As your assets grow, our fee schedule adjusts accordingly, providing reduced rates at certain breakpoints.

    We designed our fee schedule to be in alignment with you as we build your wealth together.

    Transition Seamlessly to a New Advisor - Without the Stress

    Your onboarding team will streamline the transition process by digitizing it and guiding you through each step.

    1. Talk to a professional

    Our first call will be dedicated to finding out if we are a good fit. Tell us about your situation, needs, and goals.

    2. Meet your advisor

    We’ll match you with an advisor who fits your needs and will begin to devise your plan.

    3. Put your plan into action

    Your new Advisory team will get to work establishing accounts and implementing your plan.

    Call us at (973) 525 1000 | Email us at info@simonquickadvisors.com

    or Schedule a 30-minute meeting to find out if Simon Quick is right for you.


    “When I started looking for a financial advisor I was already working with an investment broker, an accountant, and a trust and estates attorney, but no one was looking at my entire financial picture holistically. The Simon Quick team had the knowledge, experience, and the technology to help me view everything in one place. Today I can focus my energy on growing my business, knowing that the team at Simon Quick is monitoring my personal assets.”

    Joe S. CEO of a private company

    “When you are part of a dual-working couple, have kids, and stimulating careers, the thing that falls apart is the organization of it all. Working with the Simon Quick team has made us so much more proactive because we don’t have to find the time to research mortgage rates or find an attorney – the team takes care of it. They’ve created cost saving advantages and efficiency for two busy people who don’t have time to navigate the details.”

    Katie P. CIO of a Family Office

    “When I sold my company I recognized that I needed more expert advice than my current advisor could provide. Since I began working with Simon Quick I’ve felt more secure, and have had fewer worries. I like the team approach, if my advisor isn’t available someone else on the team gets back to me very quickly.”

    Jim T. President of a Private Company

    Testimonials appearing on this website have been received by actual current clients of Simon Quick Advisors, LLC. All reflect the experiences of those that have used our services in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results may vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that our clients will or should expect to achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our services. No compensation has been paid to any client in exchange for the testimonials appearing on this website.

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