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Christine Jenkins: Why I Love Working For A Family Office

By Christine Jenkins

Family offices play an important role in the lives of ultra-high-net-worth families, helping them with wealth challenges, lifestyle, property management, and tax services, to name a few. Working for a family office is an opportunity that allows me to apply my passion for both the investment markets and for helping people achieve their goals and prosper in life.

First Career Steps

Before launching out into my working years, I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Fordham University College of Business Administration and my Master of Arts degree from New York University. With my education in hand, I began my career in the private banking division of a German bank based in New York City. I worked with a team that managed checking accounts, investment portfolios, and three fixed-income registered investment companies for foreign clients. I later worked for a mutual fund complex before joining William E. Simon & Sons, LLC, which combined with Simon Quick in 2017.

My Role At Simon Quick Advisors

Since joining the Simon Quick Advisors team as the Managing Director of Family Office Services, I have worked closely with internal and external investment, tax, legal, and cash management groups. My goal is to ensure that all transactions and wealth management decisions are made in a way that addresses legal, tax, estate planning, and generational issues simultaneously. I spend my days overseeing a multi-family and commercial real estate assets, including strategic development, staff management, and budgeting thereof. I also provide individual concierge services, including the purchase and sale of artwork, collectibles, aircraft leases, and personal residences. In addition, I am responsible for transactional, compliance, operational support, and I implement and administrating estate planning and wealth management strategies.

My clients are successful entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists, and homemakers. Throughout my career, I have had the unique pleasure of serving four generations of the same family. It has been a privilege to witness the growth of my clients’ children from infancy to adolescence to adulthood and, in some cases, parenthood. I have had the honor of meeting some of their family foundations’ recipients, and I am always proud when I am in a museum, hospital, or educational institution and see the names of one of my clients. I am always thrilled when I witness their contributions to society, and I am grateful to have played a part in their success. 

Obstacles And Victories

My position is challenging in the best way possible because it provides plenty of opportunities to grow and learn. Because of the personal nature of my position, it takes a lot of time to discover the personal preferences of new clients and familiarize myself with their assets and needs. The longer we work together, the more natural this becomes; but just like the start of any relationship, there can be bumps in the road early on. 

But despite the obstacles, I wouldn’t choose any other career. I enjoy working in an industry that is fluid. Each day brings new investment opportunities. As the markets, regulations, and tax laws have changed, so too have the investment opportunities and estate planning techniques that my clients have utilized. I work hard every day to meet and exceed my clients’ expectations. I always strive to achieve the highest level of service for my clients, no matter what their individual needs require. Finally, there’s nothing more fulfilling than empowering my clients and their children to move forward in their endeavors with confidence.

My Hope For You

I understand how busy and full your life is as you dedicate your time and energy to your businesses, careers, philanthropic pursuits, and, most importantly, your families. More than anything else, I want to partner with you to make your life smoother and give you the peace of mind that comes with having an advocate who is actively monitoring the many moving parts of your life. If you want to see the difference Simon Quick Advisors’ Family Office Services can make in your life, call us at 973-525-1000 or email Info@simonquickadvisors.com.


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